Sunday, 14 February 2016

Pass4sure 70-410 Question Answer

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains a server named Server1. Server1 runs Windows Server 2012 R2 and has the Hyper-V server role installed. On Server1, you create and start a virtual machine named VM1. VM1 is configured as shown in the following table.

You need to recommend a solution to minimize the amount of disk space used for the checkpoint of VM1. What should you do before you create the checkpoint?

A. Run the Resize-VHD cmdlet.
B. Convert Disk1.vhd to a dynamically expanding disk.
C. Shut down VM1.
D. Run the Convert-VHD cmdlet.

Answer: C

 You have a Hyper-V host named Hyperv1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. Hyperv1 hosts a virtual machine named Server1. Server1 uses a disk named Server1.vhdx that is stored locally on Hyperv1. You stop Server1, and then you move Server1.vhdx to an iSCSI target that is located on another server. You need to configure Server1 to meet the following requirements: Ensure that Server1 can start by using Server1.vhdx. Prevent Server1.vhdx from consuming more than 500 IOPS on the iSCSI target. Which two objects should you configure? To answer, select the appropriate two objects in the answer area.



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